Saturday, 26 March 2011

Competition Winners

What was Dolly saying? Well, we have three lucky competition winners to tell us!

"Out On A Limb" wrote:

Dolly: "Eee, no wonder your dinner's taste funny. I never could read Aunt Jessie's writing, and what she's got down here in the recipe looks more 'aniseed' than 'arsenic' now I come to think of it..."

Cerys wrote:

Dolly: "This is a lovely knitting pattern - neon pink legwarmers! Just the thing for you Matt - trendy and practical for working on the farm!"

Ian wrote:

Dolly: "And just think - if I'd added paprika it would of been goulash!"

Matt: "Well as you didn't, do you mind telling me WHAT it is?"

Well done, folks, some nice giggles there! Just send me your addresses and your highly exclusive Beckindale Bugle mugs will be on the way to you!

Drink your tea with pride!

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