Saturday, 12 February 2011

Is Emmerdale Today Linked To Beckindale In The 1980s?

Christian writes:

I find it hard to believe, looking at your Beckindale '80s blog, that Emmerdale today is really linked to those days at all. The show is so different. A lot of the stories you portray here are so mundane. Emmerdale now is a rip-roaring, decadent place, where anything goes - and usually does. And things keep burning down or getting blown up. It's like the "Emmerdale" name is simply a brand, and the product is now totally different.

I don't watch Emmerdale - or any soaps, Christian - but I think they've ALL changed tremendously. Look at Coronation Street, celebrating its 50th anniversary with a huge disaster story-line! I think Emmerdale Farm from 1972-1989 is closely linked, and that the 1980s developed their own flavour in the show, brasher and rather livelier.

But as for Kim Tate fleeing in a helicopter, the siege at Home Farm, the plane crash... no, I can't really imagine those things happening in Beckindale in the 1980s.

What do readers think about the changing times in Emmerdale? Does the show neatly link to its distant past in flavour, or is it hard to imagine Matt and Dolly, Amos, Mrs Bates, Archie and Walter living amongst the current locals?

I'd be fascinated to hear your views.