Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Whatever Happened To Walter?!

Atomic Witch's Portal pics are a popular feature of the Emmerdale Guy And Gals site. They are witty and inventive, and the Bugle regularly checks them out. The one above beautifully mixes the modern Emmerdale characters with that beloved character of the 1980s, Al Dixon's silent Walter.

Mr Dixon was, of course, a delight as the silent Woolpack regular from September 1980 to December 1985. In early 1986, Walter disappeared to visit his sister "down South" and, as far as we knew, never returned. Or did he? Is it possible he came back and has been sitting unnoticed and silent in the Woollie, until one dramatic night - leading to the scenario above?

Probably not, but the idea made us smile.

Cheers, Walter! Al Dixon as The Woolpack's Silent One in 1984.