Monday, 28 July 2014

1987: The Return To Normality...

An Emmerdale Farm script - episode 1187, 1987.

Anybody who has ever been successfully involved in any type of campaign will probably appreciate this. There you were, campaigning away, adrenalin flowing, great team spirit all around you. Then you win. And then you celebrate. And then life returns to boring normality. The villagers of Beckindale fought a hearty battle in 1987 to prevent the dumping of nuclear waste by the Government not far away. They won. And then it was back to Annie feeding the geese and Amos and Mr Wilks bickering in the Woolpack.

We recently happened upon a parcel of 1987 Emmerdale Farm scripts which clearly show the return to normality in Beckindale after the battle was won...

A page from the script: Annie feeds the geese and natters with Dolly...

Archie Brooks was not impressed with everyday life post-dump threat, as this brilliant extract from the script proves...

ARCHIE: Is this it then?


ARCHIE: "What we all spent months fighting for. What Jack Sugden went to prison for. Life without a nuclear dump. Dunt amount to much does it.

AMOS: (TAKEN ABACK) Nowt wrong wi' a bit o' peace and quiet lad.

WILKS (SMILES) The silence was fairly deafening. Sorry.

ARCHIE: This place used to be buzzing - it used to be - (GESTURES) it used to have - (GESTURES)

AMOS: (HELPFUL) Customers?

ARCHIE: "No - you know what I mean. Argument - debate - an atmosphere you could cut with a knife some nights. We were fighting and we were alive. We had - meetings.

WILKS: And then we won.

ARCHIE: (DEFLATED) Aye. And then we won.

AMOS: (GENTLY) That was the whole point Archie. So we could get back to where we were before. Where we are now.


AMOS: It is a bit dull in here now you mention it. I could get in some different flavoured crisps. Or them spicey sausages. A lot of folk like them.