Thursday, 6 August 2015

Andy At Emmerdale Farm...

Me at Emmerdale Farm many moons ago. I'm sure Amos would have said: "That lad fancies himself a bit, and them trousers aren't decent, Mr Wilks!"

Another comment that I received some time ago and haven't yet answered (sorry - I'm guilty of many things, but being organised is not one of them!) asks:

Did you ever visit the old Emmerdale Farm set or have any contact with the cast?

No, but I visited Esholt and Lindley Farm, locations of Beckindale and Emmerdale Farm. That's me at Lindley Farm above (face blanked out to protect those who are disturbed by the grotesque), and my wife organised me a birthday card and sent it to Ronald Magill, the fabulous Amos Brearly, for signing. But that's about it.

My life was going full throttle back in my youthful days, and I didn't have much time to ponder the show or write to its performers. Needless to say, the birthday card signed by Ronald Magill (and Amos) is now a treasured item. It was a complete surprise and Mr Magill had even written on the back of the envelope: Not to be opened until 18 October.

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