Friday, 8 August 2008

1980: Amos' Mystery Woman

Daily Mirror, November 4, 1980: Amos' mystery lady friend has the whole village talking, reads the Emmerdale Farm synopsis for that day. So, who was she? Had Amos finally fallen in love?

No, as it happened. The mystery lady was one Margaret Hatfield, a fellow student in Amos' poetry appreciation class. She had been giving him lifts to the classes in her car, and had been spotted by Seth Armstrong, who quickly spread the news that Amos had been seen going off in a car with an unidentified female!
Amos was horrified when she turned up at The Woolpack, but made her welcome. There was no romance: his secrecy was simply because he didn't want Mr Wilks or his regulars knowing that he was attending poetry appreciation classes. He thought it might arouse awkward questions as they apparently knew he already was a poet - so why would he need poetry appreciation classes?!

Margaret Hatfield appeared in just three episodes of the Beckindale saga, and was played by Doreen Sloane. Miss Sloane made a much larger contribution to 1980s soap history with her role as Annabelle Collins in the controversial Channel 4 serial Brookside, which she appeared in from the very first episode in November 1982.
She remained with Brookside until her death in 1990.

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  1. Anonymous9.8.08

    Brookside was so cool and Annabelle was smashing. She didn't squawk and shout like most of the rest of the people in that Close!