Friday, 8 August 2008

1980: Cops And Robbers...

Most of 1980 was pretty peaceful for Beckindale's PC Ted Edwards...

But December brought the first appearance of Sergeant Ian MacArthur, over from Hotten to investigate a theft of Christmas trees from the plantation at NY Estates in Beckindale.

The culprits were one Derek Warner and...

... one Tom Merrick of Hotten, formerly of Beckindale. Edward Peel, who debuted in the role of Tom in 1980, gave an electrifying performance as the sneering villain, and is the actor who immediately springs to mind whenever I think of the character.

Tom had come to Beckindale in pursuit of his wife, Pat, and kids, Jackie and Sandie. Pat had left him a couple of months earlier and was living with their teenage children in a caravan on NY Estates land at Home Farm.

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  1. Anonymous9.8.08

    Tom Merrick was really sexy. He smouldered! Mad, bad but fascinating to know I bet!