Wednesday, 6 August 2008

1980: Mrs Peg Leg

In the spring of 1980, Dolly Skilbeck was concerned by the disappearance of a lame ewe she had grown very fond of and nicknamed "Mrs Peg Leg". For days, she kept a look out for her. One afternoon, out for some fresh air with Mr Wilks...

... Dolly spotted something that horrified her: the skeleton of a sheep.

Mr Wilks examined it, and proclaimed it too old to be the remains of Mrs Peg Leg.

So the fate of Mrs Peg Leg remained a mystery, until one day...

... Matt and Dolly were delighted to see her...

... running across the field, minus limp but plus lamb, to rejoin the flock - returned from goodness knows where!

Dolly was thrilled to see Mrs Peg Leg again.

Matt pointed out that, as Mrs P was no longer limping, Dolly would have to think of a new name for her!

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  1. Anonymous6.8.08

    Aw, that's a really sweet story!