Friday, 8 August 2008

1980: Ups And Downs At NY Estates...

Up The Workers - John Tuplin (Malcolm Raeburn) and Daniel Hawkins (Alan Starkey) ruminate over a pint.

We finally escaped from the office and got out amongst the land workers at the NY Estates Beckindale holding in 1980. John Tuplin was unhappy with his wage. NY Estates insisted that they were paying the "going rate", but John called for the men to join the Union. This they did, and the Union told NY Estates Beckindale boss Richard Anstey that the company were actually paying the minimum rate, and demanded an increase.

The result was a 5% pay rise for the men, although it might have been more if Richard Anstey had been a little more honest.

Meanwhile, Daniel Hawkins, a cowman on the estate since the Verneys' era, was most unhappy at new farm manager Joe Sugden's suggestion that hormone injection trials should take place. He was protective of the cattle, and closely questioned Joe about the safety aspects of such a move.
But Daniel lost that battle.

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  1. Anonymous9.8.08

    I'd forgotten John Tuplin and Daniel H. I recall Alan Turner thought John was a right trouble maker.