Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dark Side Of 1980...

It wasn't all daft fishing contests and horticultural shows in 1980. There was family life in a grotty caravan for Pat Merrick and her kids for a start...

Never mind. In November 1980 Walter, who had only been on-screen for a couple of months, got a snazzy new cap. Great! But who's that coming through the door behind him?

Oh no - it's Tom Merrick - just in time for Christmas!!

But the nasties weren't all earth bound...

... strange moving lights in the sky terrified Amos Brearly... was it aliens? Or bogles?
Oh yes, there was certainly a dark side to 1980 down Beckindale way...
We'll be taking a closer look soon.

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  1. Benjamin4.8.10

    Tom Merrick looks a bit like a fish with that sneer he is giving to Amos lolol. His lips look a bit cod faced with that face he is pulling lol.