Friday, 12 February 2010


A couple of outstanding e-mail enquiries - sorry it's taken me so long to reply...

Firstly, "Jack Sugden" asks:

Was Eric Pollard nice in the 1980s? Somehow I always remember the Emmerdale characters back then being nice!

I think the expression on Eric's face in the 1989 screen cap above answers that question, Jack!

Short answer is "No"!

Sara says:

Was it very sad when Matt left in December 1989?

Yes, it was. He told Dolly he still loved her. Annie said "God go with you," and broke down at their final parting. One of the saddest scenes for me was Matt standing alone in the living room of the extension cottage at Emmerdale Farm. He and Dolly had lived in the place since its creation in 1982.

I was so sorry to see Matt go.


  1. Aww! Annie & Matt had a wonderful relationship. I don't think he could ever have considered her a mother-in-law from hell. She was always "Ma" to him.

  2. It was a lovely relationship. Matt, the orphan, really became part of Annie's family.

    It was sad to see Dolly and Matt split-up. Jean Rogers and Frederick Pyne had been creating screen magic as far as I was concerned since April 1980. I found the couple totally believable.

    On New Year's Eve 1989, Dolly dressed up as Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, for her New Year's party - and none of the other guests knew who she was meant to be! It seemed a bit daft.

    To me, Dolly seemed lost without Matt, and the Charlie Aindow/abortion story-line of the early '90s simply didn't ring true. I was sorry to see Jean Rogers leave, but glad Dolly went to Norfolk. I'm a soppy beggar and I hoped that she and Matt would be reconciled!